Download project resources

This page proposes to download resources related to OpenSAND.

Please read the OpenSAND Contributor Agreement before downloading the sources and sign it in order to contribute.

Verifying the integrity of downloaded files before using them is greatly recommended.

OpenSAND 3.0.x releases

OpenSAND 3.1.0

OpenSAND 3.0.0

OpenSAND 2.0.x releases

OpenSAND 2.0.0

GSE initial release (1.0.1)

How to verify downloaded files?

There are two ways to check the files you've downloaded:

The checksum lets you check that the file was not corrupted during the transfer from the server to your machine. The digital signature lets you check that the file was created by the project maintainer and not altered since then.

Using the checksum

The checksum is a short sequence of letters and numbers obtained by using the MD5 hashing algorithm on a file.

You can use that sequence, called the MD5 sum, to check that the file has arrived on your machine intact.

  1. Download the checksum file to the same directory where you've downloaded the project file you want to verify.
  2. Open a terminal, change to the directory where you have saved the file and accompanying checksum, then enter the following: $ md5sum -c checksumfilename Replace checksumfilename with the checksum filename. Obviously you need to replace filename with the name of the file you downloaded.
  3. You'll see a line saying whether file integrity is fine or not. filename: OK filename: FAILED
    md5sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match
    If the checksum does not match, do not use the downloaded file. Try to download it again. If it fails again, tell so on the project mailing list.
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